May 2018


Dear Friends 

What a cold and damp winter we have had! We had rain, wind and snow (although thankfully not as badly as some parts of the country). And now it is May when, hopefully, the weather will be warmer and we can look forward to summer. 

But having said that, one of the things that can be said for our country is that we experience all kinds of weather throughout the seasons. I am reminded of the harvest hymn which tells us that God “sends the snow in winter, the warmth to swell the grain, the breezes and the sunshine and soft refreshing rain”. Even the snow can be good for the ground. I am no expert, but apparently it contains nutrients that penetrate the soil to help plants grow later in the year. It also releases moisture into the soil more slowly than rain which can be an advantage. 

It is amazing what God has provided for us! What we must remember, however, that it just might not be always exactly what we think we want. Snow is great to have fun with, but it can be dangerous as well. But if it is beneficial to the ground than maybe we have to put up with it. 

So next time you get soaked going out in the pouring rain just remember our farmers (and we have quite a few where we live) probably rubbing their hands with glee as they get free watering for their fields. 

We don’t get everything that we want in this life and that can sometimes be hard. We might pray to God for a particular outcome to some situation and perhaps, just perhaps we don’t get the outcome we prayed for. So where do we go from there? I would suggest that we go back to the Lord’s Prayer which I am sure we all know and recall the line “Thy will be done”. The emphasis here is on “thy” not “my”. We say this to God every time we say the Lord’s Prayer, that at the end of the day it is up to God how he responds and that might just not be how we want it. 

Have a very happy and enjoyable May – summer really must be just around the corner! 

With best wishes to you all. 

Chris Miller 

Licensed Lay Minister and Churchwarden