July/August Letter.

Dear Friends,

We had a wonderful Ascension Day service, with our Diocesan Bishop generously making time to be with us for the planned confirmations, the first in our church for many years, despite his recent bereavement, his mother’s funeral only a few days before. We look forward to another at Buckden when adult and young people from our churches will share in the Deanery confirmation, this time with ex Archbishop Rowan Williams.

Having celebrated festivals or prepared for them since the run-up to Christmas, we enter the long season of ‘Ordinary time’, so called not because nothing special happens, but because this season which runs
through Summer to Autumn is ‘ordered’ with more freedom allowed in choosing the Bible readings in the Church of England.

This season is when many are on holiday, and may have more opportunity to be together as family. It is the season of festivals and shows; our churches are no exception in any of these departments. It is a time to really take note of Jesus’ teaching about living ‘life in its fullness’ as he promises for those who follow him. Following Christ is not meant to be limited and boring, rather it is meant to be a glorious freedom in love and unity. It is therefore a great delight to be encouraging and taking part in various events which bring people together in having fun and thinking about one another’s needs. My particular favourite is the free event that is happening for the first time this year offered by Christians of all flavours. It takes place on the afternoon of July 6th at the Hub. This is Christians being intentional about being Community, which is the nature of the Christian understanding of God the Trinity, knowable as three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, perfectly harmoniously together as one. The Church doesn’t always look a lot like that, but we have this Good News, that God is at work in us making us one, not uniform but wonderfully diverse. We pray forgiveness where we fall short of the intended ideal, and blessing on everything that brings us together in that unity of God’s love.

Many blessings Hilary