August 2017

Dear friends 

As I write this letter we are in the middle of the June heatwave. Temperatures are in the 30s and we are all struggling to keep cool. But that is all part of our erratic weather system. We complain when it is too cold and we complain when it is too hot! 

But that is rather like us. We human beings tend to “blow hot and cold” over all kinds of things. Some things we can take quite calmly but other things we can get quite worked up about. It is all part of our make-up. 

One person who we might just believe never got cross is Jesus. But if you think that, you would be wrong. He might have been God as man but he still had the emotions of a man. He got very cross one day in the temple and drove out those who were buying and selling. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold doves. The temple, a house of prayer, had become a den of thieves. But his anger was tempered somewhat. 

When I researched the word “cross” associated with Jesus I was inevitably directed to internet sites depicting the physical cross. And there is a wonderful video on you-tube showing an incident on the German underground at Cologne. A man dressed as Jesus is carrying his cross up the escalator. Apparently, he was about to take part in a street carnival. The video begins with just the picture of the cross ascending the escalator. Then a hand appears and finally we see the man dressed as Jesus appear and he smiles briefly at the camera. What he doesn’t realise is that as the escalator ascends, the ceiling stays put! This results in the cross getting stuck in the ceiling. A few tugs (and a choice word from an onlooker) and it is freed, although the ceiling is somewhat worse for wear. What was supposed to be simply an act of transporting actor and prop to a carnival, in an odd kind of way, amused many. 

Being in the month of August, the main holiday month, I trust that you are all enjoying the benefits of the holiday season. The Parish Church, just like so many of us, is going to take a bit of a break in August. There will be no services at Hatley and just one Eucharist service each Sunday alternating at Gamlingay or Everton as in the table above. Please forgive us for this arrangement. It gives us all a chance to recharge our batteries and to approach September with renewed vigour! 

With best wishes to you all. 

Chris Miller 

Licensed Lay Minister and Churchwarden